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Are dirty, broken grout lines lowering the value of your home?

It doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t need an insane budget or professional knowledge to give your grout the fresh new look it needs. You don’t even have to replace your grout and tile to achieve the look you’ve always wanted.
No More DIY Blunders

Tried cleaning those grout lines yourself? The amount of cleaning products on the market can seem overwhelming. Don't waste your time - or money - trying to learn how to repair and clean your grout. Our repair services make sure you don’t have to do any work yourself.

Quick Project Completion

We know that you don’t want to be without your bathroom or kitchen for a week or even one night. Completion time for most of our projects is within one day so that you won’t lose access to your bathroom or kitchen for very long.


The cost of completely replacing tile and grout can feel daunting. A simple repair, clean, and reseal can fix most issues at a fraction of the replacement cost.

Revitalized grout & tile, without the hassle.

Go from being self-conscious by your kitchen, bathroom, shower, backsplash to finally being pleased with your grout and tile combination.
Many homeowners are unhappy with their grout appearance due to dirty, cracked, and broken grout.
We provide all in one service that includes:
Necessary to make your grout look brand new without having to spend a fortune replacing everything.

Our Services Include:

Grout cleaning
We use commercial-grade cleaning products to remove dirt and grime from the surface of your grout lines and open up the pores of the grout. We do this all by hand. No heavy machinery. This is one of the most essential steps in preparing the grout to be sealed
Grout repair & replacement
Our sealer is only as good as its foundation (the grout). While we clean the grout, we look for any inconsistencies. We will replace or repair any cracked or broken in all areas needed.
Shower restoration
This service includes removing all mold, mildew, and soap scum as well as cleaning the grout. We then remove the cracked and broken caulk and cure all mold/mildew where the caulk existed. We then color seal the entire shower, polish the tile, and re-caulk leaving you to shower looking like new again!
This service is included in shower restoration and along the baseboards and door jams of floors if requested

Stop worrying about your grout.
We’ll make it easy.

From a free estimate, doing the work, final inspection, and cleanup, your home is in good hands with Chattanooga Grout.
1. Fill out the intake form or call/text

Fill out our contact form. Tell us about your grout needs and we’ll give you a call within 24 hours.

2. Schedule and perform repairs

We complete your grout repair service quickly (usually less than one day). We wear boot covers and lay down drop cloths in the walkways to your bathroom or kitchen to protect your floors and to make clean up easy, so you’ll never even know we were there.

3. Finally, feel satisfied with your grout

Save time, money, and increase your home value.

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It’s frustrating when your grout doesn’t look as good as it should

Isn’t the whole point of having tile floors or a tile backsplash to add value to your home? Instead, your dirty and cracked grout is preventing you from showing off the true value of your home.
You shouldn’t be uncomfortable with your own bathroom or kitchen. At Chattanooga Grout Cleaning, we understand that you want grout that looks great, matches your tile, and lasts longer. In order to have that, your existing grout needs some maintenance.You need an experienced, trusted grout cleaning and repair company that doesn’t cut corners. A company that provides quick and affordable solutions.
At Chattanooga Grout, we are your local grout experts. We get it; the appearance of your grout is a big part of your home’s appeal. It shouldn’t be a source of frustration or embarrassment.
For over 5 years, we have been helping Chattanooga-area homeowners take care of their grout surfaces. We’ve built our business on the quality work we perform and have earned a high number of 5-star reviews on Google and NextDoor from our past customers.
Are you ready to have great-looking, clean grout? Here’s how to get started:

You’ve put this off long enough. It’s time for your tile to look the way it was intended. Call us today for your free custom quote and get the grout you have always wanted!

So call us today and quit being frustrated with your deteriorating grout.

In the meantime, download our free checklist

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